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DSI lite carbon off road dirt bike gloves

DSI lite carbon off road dirt bike gloves
DSI lite carbon off road dirt bike gloves

DSI GPX lite carbon is a low profile off-road/dirt bike glove that offers riders superior impact protection and grip.

Construction & Fit: 

  • ChamudeTM leather on the palm is highly durable.  It provides the ultimate grip regardless of the conditions. Fibers in the ChamudeTM leather are durable in both wet and dry conditions while being thin enough to have a great sense of touch.
  • Pre–curved design offers a snug fit while thumb and index finger are reinforced with extra layer of leather for added protection.
  • Added finger comfort comes from the seamless construction of the fingers while the added grip is afforded by the silicone finger prints
  • Short cuff offers both elastic and an adjustable strap for a secure fit on every ride

    Safety Features: 

    • Sublimation printed Lycra and micro injected 3D Guard is added to the knuckles and fingers for durability and protection
    • Temper-foam covers the thumb knuckle for protection without restricting movement
    • Temper-foam is also placed under the main knuckle armor for added impact protection
    • Knuckle Impact protection EN 13594:2015 (This impact protection rating also extends to the third and fourth finger)
    • Art: DSI-MCG-008
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