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DSI fitness training gloves

DSI fitness training gloves
DSI fitness training gloves

Construction & Fit:

  •  Sturdy weight lifting gloves designed to provide user with the best experience possible for long-term satisfaction
  • Made of durable goat leather provide good grip and control
  • Extra layer of palm and reinforced stitching for longer wear
  • Strategically placed temper foam relief palm padding even out the surface of your hand and displace the pressure from workout and prevent injuries.  It adapts to hand’s natural curving motion and gives an effortless and comfortable grip that allows to power through any workout
  • Breathable spandex flexion zone on the upper thumb and back hand prevent hands from getting sweaty in a training session
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist closure create a secure fit and the pre-curved shape helps to reduce premature fatigue and stress on the fingers, hands, and arms
  • Art: DSI-FTN-010
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